QA test case management tools

If the activities from a typical day for a tester, like case creation, case execution, document creation, and so on, are not handled and monitored, situations can become messy. QA test case management tools can help you prevent such scenarios.

QA test case management tools

What are QA test case management tools?

A test management tool aids in the management of all testing-related operations in one place. The market offers both free and paid tools that are simple to use and convenient.

These tools aid in reducing manual test coverage. As the company grows, it becomes more challenging to keep track of and sustain the tracking of all the data on an excel spreadsheet.

Here is where the QA test case management tools come in. Automation is increasingly important these days, so the tool should sustain it. Companies should use tools that facilitate agile and constant testing.

How to choose a QA test case management tool

When selecting a QA test case management tool, take into account that the tool should handle the test cases in such a manner that it decreases the team’s manual operations, saves money, and effectively track the test cases.

Take into account factors such as budget when selecting the tool. In aspects of tracking and reporting, the tool should be capable of handling data.

The tool you pick should include a support feature that allows tickets to be elevated and problems to be remedied for any issues or integrations that are needed.

QA test case management tools


It is intended to be highly responsive and simple to use. It allows testers to operate tests without having to add bulky expenses to the testing process.

The features:

  • REST API with great power
  • Immediate updates ensure that all browser sessions remain in sync
  • Build and maintain your test cases, test runs, steps, preconditions, and so on with ease
  • Handle your test cases in a tree-like structure it’s simple and intuitive
  • Outstanding test case change-tracking in the history view with Test Case Editor
  • Check to see if a colleague has made some changes, finished a test, etc.
  • Strong integration with other tools (e.g., Jira,…) for linking necessities and faults

The price:

  • All features are available for a 30-day free trial
  • Open-source projects and a small team of up to three people are free
  • Test runs, test cases, and projects are all unlimited
  • Each user pays $17/€15
  • Volume discounts are available for larger groups


  • Simplicity to use
  • Its enterprise-class features
  • Affordable pricing

It has features that compete with the majority of the big players in the test management room.

The features:

  • Allows you to add custom fields based on the needs of your project
  • You can create test cases quickly with its WYSWYG editor, which allows you to straight-insert tables, copy-paste images, and bulk modify
  • You can build a customized dashboard based on the needs of the user. It also has special burndown charts that allow you to track improvements
  • After creating test cases, you can allocate them depending on the number of test cases or the amount of effort needed
  • Utilizing webhooks, it can easily integrate over 400 applications

The price:

  • The advanced plan begins at $12 per user/per month
  • The basic plan starts at $9 per user/per month
  • Less than five users are free


The TestCaseLab management tool is very easy to use, making users feel at ease while working on it.

It allows users to easily prepare projects, test suites, test runs, and test cases. The best part is that allows users to create an unrestricted number of projects and users in the tool.

It is simple to incorporate with any project management tool.

The features:

  • Integrations
  • Test plans
  • Test cases
  • Test runs

The price:

  • Basic: $48/month for 500 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users
  • Essential: $99/month for 1000 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users
  • Advanced: $149/month for 3000 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users
  • Ultimate: $199/month for 9000 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users


The PlusQA tool consolidates all data in one location, making it more efficient and demanding. The ability to create test cases, execute them, find bugs and track bugs in one tool, simplifies access and work for the user.

The features:

  • Enable users to report and track bugs. It allows the user to take priority on the tool’s bugs as well
  • Test cases enable users to create, modify, and perform test cases
  • Users can handle the Android and iOS application builds
  • A dashboard provides users with data in a visual way. This will allow them to effectively understand and enhance the application
  • Device Lab features, which allow users to add and modify devices

The price:

  • Users should contact PlusQA via their website for pricing information.


QACoverage is an agile collaboration tool that can assist you with managing projects. It includes features for managing the software project life cycle.

It will improve quality acceleration, increase visibility and assist you in work process consolidation. Is a solution for test planning, test execution, requirement analysis, ticket management, and other functions.

The features:

  • It includes features for tracking the thoroughness of specifications’ traceability
  • It allows you to import a large number of test cases from an Excel spreadsheet
  • The Test Design module allows you to create manual test cases for various categories and different kinds of testing
  • It includes a test case execution module that allows you to track progress, and record the specific actual outcome for every test case.
  • You can connect test data to pre-and-post conditions, as well as specific steps for test instructions to expected outputs

The price:

A 14-day free trial for a cloud-based solution is accessible.

  • Case Manager – $19 per user/month
  • Application Lifecycle Manager – $29 per user/month

A self-managed solution with pricing plans is also available.

  • Test Case Manager – $99 per user/month
  • Application LifeCycle Manager – $199 per user/month


Kualitee is a versatile tool with numerous functions. It also includes Defect Management, Project Management, third-party implementations, and other features in addition to Test Management.

Everything, including requirements, projects, tasks, defects, and test cases, can be handled under one roof.

The features:

  • Allows users to export data in any format they desire
  • Allows users to attach links or screenshots to supply all essential data
  • Allows users to build test reports based on their needs, including the condition and coverage of the test
  • Allows users to create reusable test cases formats

The price:

  • By signing up on the website, you can get a 15-day trial
  • $7/month per user with an unlimited number of Projects

Test Collab

This tool is simple to use and can be incorporated with bug-tracking and automation tools. It adheres to agile methodology, manages requirements and test cases, tracks time, and thoroughly test plans.

The features:

  • Test cases can be linked to demands
  • Custom reports are possible
  • Problems can be reported using the built-in bug tracker
  • Test cases can be classified and handled in a single location

The price:

  • $0/month for 200 test cases/400 executed test cases/3 users
  • Startups: $25 per month for unlimited cases/executions, unlimited projects/hosted versions
  • Enterprise: Need to contact Test Collab via their website


TestRail has a unified test management process that allows testers, developers, and other stakeholders to easily access QA-related information. It helps manage and track that information.

The features:

  • The test plan enables the user to structure all test plans in a single location
  • The test case writing features enable the user to document all data needed. Such as prerequisites, test data, anticipated and actual outcomes, and more
  • You incorporate it with bug-tracking applications
  • The user can organize and prioritize test cases using QA Software features
  • The QA Reports feature enables the user to see the current state of testing progress from reports

The price:

  • $34/month per user
  • $351/year per user


The qTest test case management tool is utilized to create, run and manage test cases. It is capable of automatically creating the defect document.

It facilities agile testing tools by following the most recent trend.

The features:

  • Support for popular processes such as Agile, DevOps, and BDD
  • Controls the execution of tests. It is very simple to create test plans that can be reused
  • It can be incorporated with other tools, such as JIRA, making it easier and faster to use
  • You can schedule both test automation and test cases

The price:

The pricing of qTest is determined by whether the licenses are named or concurrent. Contact Tricentis for present pricing information.


It is strongly advisable for beginners because it has all of the important components and it is simple to use.

All of the reports are in chronological order and can be downloaded in PDF format.

The features:

  • It is adaptable enough to work with both traditional project management tools and agile methodologies
  • Assists in determining which cases should be marked pass, fail, or not to run
  • The templates can be used to generate test plans
  • Importing test cases from Excel can be used to build a testing suite
  • The dashboard provides a graphical representation of the testing progress. Reports can be obtained from the tool as needed

The price:

  • Premium: $199/month includes 1500 plans, 10,000 test cases, 3000 test runs, and unlimited users and test suites
  • Plus: for $99 per month, you get 500 test plans, 3000 test cases, 1000 test runs, and unlimited users and test suites
  • Basic: $49/month includes 150 test plans, 600 test cases, 300 test runs, and unlimited users and test suites
  • Personal: $24/month includes 50 test plans, 200 cases, 100 test runs, and unlimited users and test suites



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