As the holiday season is coming, many of us are planning to go travelling, visit  friends and families, go shopping, eat out or buy food to cook at home, or simply enjoy other seasonal pastimes in full swing. It may surprise you, but most of these pastimes are aided now by sophisticated pieces of software.

Here’s why we at a1qa want to take an opportunity to give sincere thanks to all QA and software testing pros. They work behind the scenes to provide us with high-quality software so that all of could rely on them for holiday fun, safety, stability, and convenience.

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For example, if you’re one of the 50,9 million people who will take a 50-plus mile drive from home on November 23, the American Automobile Association reports, you are likely to use a GPS navigation app to find your destination. You may also download an app to find the lowest gas prices or find auto repair facility if needed (hopefully not, but who knows?)

Or maybe you’re one of the nearly 29 million Americans projected to fly during the 12-day Thanksgiving travel period. Your navigation through an airport will be much more convenient with the specialized app in your smartphone. Travelling with children? Install sandbox-style games or puzzle apps to keep them occupied – and thinking in the skies.

Purchasing meal for the holiday dinner? Point-of-sale software in most stores will speed up the checkout. You also can save a few bucks on Thanksgiving dinner by finding coupons for various Thanksgiving stuff. (By the way, the American Farm Bureau came up with another reason to be thankful for – a 16-pound turkey this year costs $22.38, which is a 36-cent decrease per turkey compared to last year.)

Prefer shopping online? Analysts report, Cyber Monday will remain the No. 1 day online sales and will generate $4.50 billion in e-commerce sales. Shopping online becomes easier and safer thanks to thorough and timely testing, of course.

And the last but not the least. You’re likely to use your smartphone to check emails, text you dearest and nearest, make calls. Or maybe you’ll be the one who will call the Butterball Turkey Talk-line experts to tips on how to cook the main part of the Thanksgiving meal.

It’s very easy to take the flawless quality of these apps for granted. But we’re thankful to our colleagues who do their best to ensure the quality of the apps to detect all the issues that may ruin the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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