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Founded in 2003 and based in Lakewood, a1qa consists of an 800+ strong independent software quality assurance providers’ team and delivers full-cycle testing services as well as particular testing types along with QA consulting, test automation, and many others. Furthermore, the company also holds a dozen offices and testing labs in Europe and is looking for geographic expansion to assure more significant cost savings to the clients.

With more than 1,500 successfully developed projects in its portfolio, a1qa has already served more than 800 global companies across multiple industries, including telecom, IT and software development, BFSI, healthcare, etc. Moreover, the professionals at a1qa cater to them with the values that adhere to the highest professional standards and improve the clients’ businesses. Through these exceptional values, QA professionals also create an unrivaled environment for extraordinary people.

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Starting with the interview, Nadya Knysh narrates her primary role as USO Managing director at a1qa and also the idea behind the commencement of the business along with the other parameters.

The primary responsibility of Nadya is to run a1qa’s operations in North America, manage adherence to the chosen development strategy, and ensure that professionals add value to clients’ businesses.

Moreover, Nadya also mentions the idea behind the commencement of the company by saying the following:

Quote by Nadya Knysh

The professionals at a1qa help enterprises protect themselves from software failures in terms of time, money, and reputation, which can occur due to required bug fixing before the software goes live.

Coming to the a1qa’s most flourishing services, Nadya proudly mentions that “We believe in long-term collaboration and facilitate its development. At a1qa, we think that a partnership brings more value than a client-vendor relationship model.”

The professionals at a1qa enable a software testing process that approves the development journey of a particular project of the clients’ business. With a1qa’s engineers, the clients’ business team will be able to focus more on new traits rather than fire-fighting bug issues that arise from new builds.

Besides this, the team at a1qa applies both domain-specific and client-oriented testing methods and tools to guarantee that the delivered software products are of reliable and consistent quality. The QA specialists hold technological expertise that enables them to create the best-fit combination of infrastructure, tools, and resources based on the project goals.

Moreover, a1qa also offers 24/7/365 service to compress the lifecycle of the development process. Thus, backed by the team of professionals with narrow specialization in QA and software testing that solve the most challenging issues endows a1qa to tap into the list of the top software testing companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review and the scorecard are confirming the quality of the testing services provided by the QA engineers at a1qa.

Reference from the client
Rank in testing services

After giving a brief overview of the testing services rendered by the QA engineers at a1qa, Nadya also elaborates on the outstanding service, i.e., full-cycle testing. It is one of the core QA offerings catered to the clients globally. With over 16 years of experience, the professionals have worked out a holistic full-cycle testing solution to give the clients the most reliable end-results.

The QA engineers pick up manual, semi-automated, and automated testing services to assure that both front-end and back-end elements of the application run correctly as initially designed. Moreover, the testing veterans also reveal bottlenecks and breaking points in the application, evaluate current and projected data and user loads, and attune the software and hardware elements. Thus giving improved functionality with more excellent reliability to get better performance, the testers’ team of a1qa burgeons amongst the top QA testing companies at GoodFirms.

Having read the brief description of the testing services by Nadya, one can also have a look at the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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