Mobile testing consultants – a look from the outside. Part 2 GenisXchange

The article by Nadia Knysh was published on RCR Wireless News. 

The park of mobile devices is at the core of the whole application testing process. If configured correctly, it provides the best coverage of the target audience.

Analyzing trends to strengthen the app development process

Usually, the park of mobile devices includes popular gadgets operating on the latest mobile OS versions. It is the consultant who analyzes the trends, popularity and usage statistics in the target region to configure the park.

First of all, the consultant draws attention to these:

  • Popularity of mobile platforms
  • Testing focus on popular OS versions
  • Announcement of new devices and analysis of their potential popularity
  • Popularity analysis of the current devices
  • Specific analysis of new OS versions and devices

The main point of analyzing these trends is that the earlier the development team knows about the novelties, the better the app will be. Close cooperation between the consultant and development team allows for providing the first users with an application of the highest quality.


In a nutshell, mobile testing consultants are becoming essential to the app development team. Even though some may doubt this – given a consultant is being brought in from outside and thus less familiar with the project – there are more pros than cons when bringing in an independent testing consultant.

First of all, the viewpoint and decisions a consultant makes are not discussed, because it is agreed upon throughout the team that the consultant is being brought on as the expert in mobile testing and has the most experience of those involved in this area. Second, the consultant serves as a kind of walking reference book or a synchronization point, if you like. The consultant shares the knowledge, which is important for successful app development and testing. Third, as a person from outside the project, the consultant is objective – the set of fresh eyes that every team needs. Finally, oftentimes, engaging the mobile testing consultant actually accelerates the release of the application.

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