Career in IT: how to become a software tester? Part 2 GenisXchange

The article by Alexander Panchenko, Deputy Head of Complex Web QA Department, and Olga Demeshko, QA Engineer.

Everyone counts

If you have decided that testing is your call, – the easiest way to get the basics of the profession is to enroll in testing course. Preferably, take a course at the QA company which you would like to join afterwards. Although the theoretical basis is mainly the same, different companies apply principles which may vary significantly.

We want to emphasize – there is no need to become a tester first and then to retrain for a software developer. Of course, both jobs deal with software products, but in a completely different manner.

Developers are to create, whereas QA engineers are to criticize and crack the code. In fact, they have different mindset. Only software QA consultants engaged in automated testing are rather close to development, although even this area has its own specifics. If you have really decided to become a developer, then try to take a developer course.

On the contrary, previous work experience is useful. Some companies recruit professionals for specific projects. Having contracts for testing internal wages systems in their pocket they will be glad to welcome accounting or HR professionals on board.The same applies to foreign languages, marketing or even construction – QA engineers test applications for a variety of industries.

No panic!

Now, you have successfully graduated from the training course and you got the job, right? If your first task on the project turns out to be too difficult, do not panic!

The description might be quite confusing for a person with no experience. But even if you got the impression of transliterated Chinese, do not despair. In any case, you are surrounded by experienced colleagues, and Internet is full of suggestions. The main thing is not to be afraid to ask questions. It’s not a shame not to know something. Much worse is to send the results not understanding the task.

If, on the contrary, the task seems too simple, do not accept greater responsibility than you can bear. Excellent performance in a focused specialization will characterize you better than a million of unrealized promises. So, do not try to prepare testing documentation, execute tests urgently, etc. A clear understanding of processes and terminology comes first.

From a newcomer to a top manager

The first thing you will have to face is testing the basic functionality and business logic. A common mistake of young QA engineers is to check an interface disregarding basic functions. The interface is important, with no doubt, but the number one task is to control the correct performance of application’s main functions.

Does it make sense to visit an online shop with a stylish interface, if a client is not able to register on this website? No matter how attractive the interface is, if the application is unable to fulfil the main objective, it is useless.

Along with the main work a tester should continue exploring operating systems, computer networks, virtual machines. The more you learn, the more skills you obtain, the faster you are growing in the profession. The conclusion is obvious, if you want to become a qualified expert in software testing – constant development is required.

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