This tutorial help to consume rest api using Python3 and flask.I got a change to work with python language. We will use python 3 and flask to create api wrapper.This flask application will consume sample rest api and return json data.

The Flask is microframework which is top on the Python.I am assuming virtualenv installed in your system, if not then you can download it from request package help to create HTTP request to get response.

Let’s Create API Using Python and Flask

I am using windows, so I ll demonstrate step by step tutorial based on windows.Let’s create /hello-api folder, Now open cmd window.

How To Check Python and pip Version

We will click the Start menu icon and type cmd into the search box, then press Enter .Once your command line is open, enter these commands:

python --version
pip --version

How To Install flask and requests Package

install python flask framework and requests package using below command :-

pip install flask
pip install requests

Python Hello API Example Code

Now We will cd into the /hello-api folder.Created new file into this folder.

Created API To Consume HTTP GET Call

We will write below code into file –

from flask import Flask
from flask_restful import Resource, Api
from flask_cors import CORS
import requests
app = Flask(__name__)
CORS(app) ## To allow direct AJAX calls
@app.route('/employee', methods=['GET'])
def home():
r = requests.get('')
return r.json()
if __name__ == '__main__': = True)

I have imported flask and flask_restful package from Flask framework, Also added requests package to create HTTP request.The flask_cors package help to remove Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), Now run app using below command –

Run Python Application

c:/python-test/hello-api> py

Test Python Flask API

Now open browser and type http://localhost:5000/employee and press enter, You will get json data of all employees.The port 500 is the default port of python application.

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