Web service is used to interact the other web application to exchange data information. The Web services are using open standard (XML, SOAP, HTTP) protocol to communicate between client and server. There are two parties are involved one is a provider (Server) and the other is a consumer(Client).

Web-service Request and Response data must be in JSON and XML open format. There are mainly two types of web services available.

Types of Web Services

as stated above, I will discuss SOAP and REST-type web services and their uses. You can use one of their of web services for your project as per your application need.


Its stands for Simple Object Access Protocol (until the acronym was dropped in version 1.2). SOAP is an XML-based web service protocol to provide the functionality to applications to exchange information over HTTP. The SOAP is using SOAP-Envelope to transfer information between web service consumers and web API exposer.


Its stands for Representational State Transfer. Rest service very common type of web service nowadays in the mobile era which commonly uses rest type API to communicate with servers. Rest API can be used to update a record in the database, update a record into the database, push notifications and delete records from the database.

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