Fabiolla Beauty Parlour Price List 2023 Party Bridal Makeup Charges

Beauty is a primary need of every woman that’s why they always in search of a quality place that give up to mark makeup services in an appropriate budget. Yes, Fabiolla Beauty Parlour price list 2023 is pointing out that how realistic the amount they charge for the party and bridal makeup and even for other services too. These days most women work, so they have not enough time to manage their beauty. So they like to prefer to go to such beauty parlors which helped them to maintain themselves. There are different skin related treatments just like hair removal treatment, threading, different kinds of facials, manicure and pedicure, etc. So, these services will defiantly refresh the hair and overall looks too.

Fabiolla Beauty Parlour Price List 2023:

Few beauty salons have their own privacy policies, like them, Fabiolla Beauty Parlour price list 2023 has shared only main charges related to bridal makeup. So if anyone wants to get their services, then contact them at:

  • Call at (021) 34987461

Besides this, we are collecting the charges detail of different occasional makeup charges of this beautiful planet that Fabiolla Beauty Parlour charges now. Furthermore, reviews of their customers show that they take care of them all the time through professional and devoted workers.

When we talk about the big day, then every girl has a desire to get the info about the bridal makeup. Because on their wedding day they want to enhance their beauty and get the attention of their love ones.

Fabiolla Beauty Parlour Party Makeup Charges:

  • There is some type of makeup that carry on different occasions like party, signature and model makeup, etc. So this salon takes charges according to the makeup type. Moreover, the roundabout prices are:
Smokey Makeup Charges with Hairdo
Glamour Makeup Charges with Hairdo
Model Makeup Charges
  • 8,000 Rupees
  • After 20 perc off: 6,400 Rupees
8,000 Rupees
  • 7,000 Rupees(Hairdo also its part)
  • 5,600 Rupees (After discount)

Fabiolla Beauty Parlour Bridal Makeup Charges:

  • If we compare the Fabiolla Beauty Parlour bridal makeup charges with the other name whose services are like them, then these are really appreciate able. An idea of them is:
Engagement Makeup Charges Nikah Day Makeup Charges Glamour Shimmer Type Makeup Special Bridal Makeup
12,000 Rupees

Discount: 9,600

15,000 Rupees

12,000 (Discount)

18,000 Rupees

14,400 (Discount)

20,000 Rupees

16,000 (Discount)

the rate of this salon

Note: On the Gold card, their is good discount too. Further, we are collecting most of them from their online circulated rates. Maybe, one visit this Fabiolla Beauty Parlour price list 2023 will even vary and they charge greater or lower than these rates. Meanwhile, a customized makeup option is also available for your big day. But on call, you will also get some more accurate info.

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