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The world’s reliance on software is increasing. Our mission is to provide high-quality services to make the digital world a safe place.

High-Quality Services

Providing high-quality services is our company’s main focus for a wide range of products and platforms.

One of the stages we are working with is an English-level assessment tool, that grants members a certificate based on their capability.

The platform includes a variety of tests that assess various skills. Those skills include reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
They are designed for specific job fields that need a specialized type of vocabulary.
To access the test, each participant must enter a unique code that serves as identification.
Then they have to follow the instructions specific to the type of test the user is taking

The participant can also select the language in which they will take the test.

Each test starts with the requirements for a fair assessment, and failure to meet them causes the test to cancel or blocked.

As far as the content of the tests is concerned, they vary in complexity according to what aspect is being evaluated.

There are listening and reading tests, or listening, reading, speaking, and writing. There is a certain amount of time available for each answer, according to the complexity of the task. Running out of time grants no points for that question. 

The test results can be obtained either instantly – for low complexity tests or those that do not require facial identification – or later – for tests that require written essays or oral presentations. The user can access the results of the test/tests they’ve taken and they can also download the official language certificate.

When using the platform as a manager, you have access to a variety of resources.  The ability to view assessment activity, generate codes for people to access tests, and schedule tests, among other things.

As an admin, one can see the individual test answers and answer times but also grade the speaking and writing assignments.  

Software is seldom predictable and consistent, so the concept of a program without errors is unrealistic. 

Our approach to testing is that of uncovering errors in the program. We start with the assumption that errors are present and then test the program to find as many of them as possible.

By removing the errors, the program’s dependability improves, adding value to it. Adding value to a product is the aim of testing.

The work we do for this platform involves both manual and automation testing for it to run smoothly.

We also make sure the appointment dates for the tests show correctly, both for the manager and the participant, or that the participant’s interface demonstrates the same level of competence as the official certificate they receive.

Of course, we run tests after every update to the platform, to make sure everything is still running without difficulty.

To ensure the quality and functionality of the entire platform, we cover a wide range of issues. From making sure the test is using the language chosen by the participant, or that the timer for the answers runs properly, to ensure the recording function of speaking assignments is working.

Other critical issues we address concern the grading of test answers. For example. after a participant completes a test, we make sure the platform records the answers properly and that they receive the certificate they have earned, not a different one.

Our mission is to provide the best software and high-quality services possible. Ensure that everything runs smoothly for your projects. If you have any questions about the English-level tool, please email us at contact@qa-house.com.

We want to believe that we have done well thus far and have earned your trust in our future projects!

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