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Maaret Pyhäjärvi – Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala, Also she is a Test Automation Practitioner, Well Known Speaker, Author & Mentor.

Mr. Ram Yerneni – Chief Happiness Officer at QATTS, Product and Tech – Evangelist and Architect.

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The software testing field is a vast one, only expanding as years pass by, with more advanced technologies replacing the old ones. Where manual testing was once the only forming of testing available, automation testing has revolutionised the world within a very short span. And now, the world is once again being revolutionised by the incorporation of AI in software testing, which is huge leaps ahead of whatever is being done right now.

Talking to Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala, a Test Automation Practitioner, Well Known Speaker, Author and Mentor in the field, has certainly helped provide a new perspective over various factors in automation testing and software development as a whole. Her knowledge and experience when it came to the industry was very helpful in painting a picture of what’s going on, and what needs to be done for a better future.

Maaret has spoken at length about what she expects from test automation, the role of a test engineer in the development of automation for a project, the kind of automation tool she’d prefer, if QA engineers are willing to adapt to test automation, the top three things she’d expect from a test automation tool, what the success of test automation implementation means to her, her opinion on AI based quality decisions and the industry trends that she thinks would change the landscape of QA.

Maaret’s insight into these topics is certainly something that should be heard of, especially the differences between QA and test automation people, who are constantly at loggerheads when it comes to testing, based on their own requirements. Maaret also spoke at length about how a lot of practices in testing can be changed for better and more efficient results.

Without doubt, Maaret’s perspective on the entire situation is sure to help QATTS on a bigger scale, which can further help those performing the tests, as QATTS aims to be as accessible and friendly to the test performer, as possible.

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