This quick HTTP restful tutorial helps to understand Idempotence in the context of HTTP rest service methods. Idempotence is a useful concept in HTTP rest requests, When the HTTP states are the same in repetitive calls of restful service that calls Idempotence.

There some HTTP methods are Idempotency, The GET, HEAD, PUT, and DELETE HTTP methods are Idempotent methods. The POST is not idempotence method because its result are not same on repetitive request.

In simple words, “idempotent is a HTTP method that can be called many times and result would same. It does not depend on the number of rest call, The result should be the same event called once and many times.”

Benjamin Peirce, an American mathematician of the 19th century who taught at Harvard for over 50 years, coined the word idempotent to refer to algebraic elements that don’t change when raised to a positive integer power. The literal meaning of the word is “of the same power,” from the Latin idem, meaning same, and Old French potence, meaning power.

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