LDA City Lahore Possession Charges for Block-C 5,10 Marla & 1,2 Kanal Plot

In the realm of real estate, understanding possession charges is crucial for potential property buyers. For those eyeing LDA City Lahore’s Block-C, a comprehensive breakdown of possession charges can provide valuable insights. Below is a table summarizing the possession charges for different plot sizes and types in Block C:






General Plot 5,000 10,000 20,000 40,000
Corner Plot 85,000 %10 148,000 %10 250,000 %10 500,000 %10
Facing Park 85,000 %10 148,000 %10 250,000 %10 500,000 %10
Corner + Facing Park 120,000 %15 217,000 %15 365,000 %15 730,000 %15
Corner + Facing Park + 75ft Road 160,000 %20 286,000 %20 480,000 %20 960,000 %20

Understanding the LDA City Lahore Possession Charges:

  1. General Plot: For general plots, possession charges range from 5,000 PKR for 5 marla to 40,000 PKR for 2 kanal.
  2. Corner Plot: Corner plots come with an additional 10% charge on the standard possession fees. For instance, a 10-marla corner plot incurs a possession charge of 148,000 PKR plus 10%.
  3. Facing Park: Similar to corner plots, facing park plots also carry an extra 10% charge on the standard possession fees.
  4. Corner + Facing Park: Plots that are both in the corner and facing the park have a 15% surcharge on the regular possession charges.
  5. Corner + Facing Park + 75ft Road: The most premium category, these plots entail a 20% surcharge on the possession fees.

Significance of LDA City Lahore Possession Charges:

Possession charges represent the additional fees imposed by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) for acquiring possession of a property. These charges vary based on the size, location, and type of the plot. Potential buyers need to factor in possession charges when planning their investment in LDA City Lahore’s Block-C.

Understanding possession charges is crucial for making informed decisions in real estate investment. As Block-C in LDA City Lahore continues to attract interest, knowing the possession charges associated with different plot types enables prospective buyers to plan their investment strategy effectively. Whether opting for a general plot or a premium corner plot with additional features, knowing the possession charges provides clarity on the overall investment requirements.

In conclusion, possession charges are a critical component of the property buying process in LDA City Lahore’s Block-C. Prospective investors are advised to thoroughly examine the possession charges associated with their chosen plot type to ensure a well-informed and financially sound investment decision.

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