In the modern mobile world all organizations are beginning to build their own enterprise mobile applications, which makes them turn to specialized mobile application testing services to respond to new challenges and market requirements. To analyze how today’s enterprise trends shape this process, it is useful to consider two surveys conducted by trustworthy organizations: Apperian mobile application management company and Cisco networking company.

According to the Cisco forecast, the amount of mobile-connected devices will increase significantly and there will be 11.5 billion devices by 2019. Last year the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the world’s overall population. Companies are doing their best to roll out applications, and make them as easy as possible to use.

Apperian research demonstrates that 60% of companies are developing their own mobile apps to support and speed up main business processes. 67% of respondents consider improved business processes as a goal for mobility.

Top challenges

The respondents were asked to name the top challenges to achieving their mobility goals. The results were as follows:

  • Security concerns (67 % )
  • Determining ROI (32 %)
  • A lack of funds (29 %)
  • Reaching Bring your own device (BYOD) policy, contracted or unmanaged devices (26%)
  • A lack of management tools (23%)


Security tops the list of the challenges that organizations face when they develop their applications. This is due to the constant evolution of mobile security threats. All mobility programs must ensure that they appropriately respond to the security risks.

The Apperian Research shows that less than 25% of respondents can see when the information is lost. That means that some 75% can’t detect the events that can lead to corporate data leaks if the right controls are not in place.

Visibility and investments

Any enterprise mobility program need to be thoroughly analyzed in order to be successful. According to the Cisco forecast more than 50% of all organizations have no idea whether their apps are used. 48% do understand who is using their applications and 42% can see how frequently apps are run.

All surveyed organizations need greater visibility into statistics about their app usage.

Participants stated the list of investments they are making to increase the adoption:

  • More applications for core business processes (47%)
  • User interface/experience improvements (43%)
  • Training (35%)
  • Analytics (35%)
  • Agile development with user input (33%)


The Apperian provides the organizations seeking a competitive advantage with a number of recommendations.

  • During the development of the application, focus first on main business processes
  • The best option is to support business processes with internally developed apps
  • Invest money in technology to manage the applications
  • Think of your users as clients
  • Invest in analytics

To take advantage of the continuing mobile revolution you need to analyze the needs of your customers. Moreover, it is vital to keep abreast of the current situation on the market of mobile applications. If you follow all the recommendations, you are likely to have remarkable success in the industry of mobile application development.

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