Test automation workshops: the insights and results

Without further ado, a1qa jump-started this year with fruitful and positive transformation in its story – from the complete revamping of a corporate style to gaining valuable experience while participating in the industry-specific events and receiving recognition globally.

This May has brought another significant shift – a1qa established the practice of conducting complimentary workshops held the world over to provide professional assistance in training and sharing insights as regards the QA and software testing niche.

The first two events dedicated to test automation essentials took place in Lisbon and were fully booked in no time.

We’ve compiled the answers from the event organizers about the values of the implemented practice for business development and smooth QA processes’ establishment.

What was the idea behind introducing this concept?

Throughout its development, a1qa has accumulated broad expertise stored in specially designed R&D centers that allow continuous enhancing of the data on the software under test and obtaining certification or improving qualifications for its employees.

At a certain period of the company’s development, we felt the strong desire and necessity to share skills with businesses to help them dive into the aspects of delivering high-quality solutions able to increase brand loyalty and foster the application of innovative technologies and best practices of SQA sphere.

How? By implementing customized workshops.

What was the format of the delivered events?

We at a1qa appreciate the agility and have a stake in providing intensive training of several types.

The first one is a half-day event tailored for a particular organization with an emphasis on the adoption of the discussed practices within the company considering its internal processes.

The second one – a customized full-day workshop for multiple companies where industry best practices are delivered in accordance with the chosen topic.

After the first two events, we may state: their interactive nature encouraged discussions of the most relevant issues regarding test automation deployment and CI/CD pipeline introduction.

Additional value for the members of the events lied in the opportunity to network and discover peculiarities of selected QA processes.

Why did you choose test automation as a topic?

Automated testing practice is of high relevance today as multiple QA tendencies strengthen the need for greater and smarter automation, whether it’s the adoption of Agile and DevOps or AI. Therefore, we wanted to dwell on certain aspects of the process to increase their transparency.

Except for the analysis of test automation values and their impact on business development, the primary focus was made on the processes. What are the peculiarities of a CI/CD pipeline? What is the structure of a test automation solution? How to opt for the proper toolkit? These and many other questions were examined. To clarify the process and see it inside out, automated test case samples were presented.

The structure of test automation team was also considered. A well-designed system of talent cooperation within a project results in a clear-cut and seamless implementation of the given objectives.

How did the audience receive the training?

We were glad to swiftly get the feedback after conducting both events. The survey results held among all the members have shown that 85% rated the workshop as useful, and almost all the participants agreed to take part in similar events in the future (93%).

What’s more, the guests have emphasized a1qa’s agility and flexibility in the process of organizing the events. In the scope of workshops, a1qa conducted an online conference with the company’s experts to provide accurate technical answers to additional questions regarding security checks and performance screening.

How do you see further advancement of this practice?

We’ll continue conducting and developing tailored events and highlighting tricky aspects of quality assurance and software testing. Why? We want to raise business awareness regarding the direct influence of QA activities over the product lifecycle and high-quality software delivery for improving end-users’ satisfaction.

Each workshop will be further complemented with diversified examples of real-life implementation of the chosen QA solutions to ease the overall perception and make the whole process even more beneficial.

Later on, we’ll add such in-demand topics as the setup of business processes, performance testing, quality assurance of mobile apps, test automation demo.


a1qa would like to thank all the participants for their interest and active involvement in discussions.

We are already planning further workshops for executives. To take part in the events and always stay tuned, drop us a few lines.

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