Ever wondered why you would need a WYSIWYG Editor? You’d be surprised at how much you can do with these editors and the use cases that come along with them. Many of these use cases, we’re sure you’ll be amazed that it can be done effortlessly.

1. CMS

Content Management Systems need content. Here is where WYSIWYG editors come in, you can use editors to make sure that your content is what you envision them to be. Format your content with what you want, create proper hierarchy with markdown support on most HTML editors.

2. Portfolios

If you are a freelancer, developer, or anyone that needs an online presence, editors like this are just for you. You can focus on designing your content and making yourself stand out apart from the rest of the competition.

3. Code Snippets

Ever wondered how these cool looking code snippets are made?

Well with wysiwyg editors, you can style code snippets the way you want and embed them within your website.

4. Blogs

For blogs, it’s best if you focus on your content instead of how to code it. With WYSIWYG Editors, you can definitely create your blog and never have to worry about the code behind it.

5. Knowledge Bases

If you want to build a knowledge base for your team, proper formatting is necessary. WYSIWYG editors give you that kind of formatting without having to think about html code. With how easy it is to use editors nowadays, you’ll be able to create beautiful knowledge bases in no time

6. Mobile Apps

You can remove the hassle of creating forms inside your Mobile Application when you use HTML editors. Developing in mobile is hard, you don’t need to make it harder by just using ready made solutions by reputable companies.

7. Note Taking Applications

Creating Note Taking applications is easy. But you can take it to the next level with wysiwyg editors. Some even have markdown support

In conclusion, there are a lot of use cases in which WYSIWYG editors come in handy. They are low code, meaning you won’t have to do anything aside from installing it and plugging it into your application.

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