Billing is the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. But, for most parts, medical billing remains a complex and work-heavy operation with a lot of repetitive processes.

Companies and billing providers across the industry are on a constant look for tactics and solutions that can help them streamline these operations, optimize costs and battle the arising challenges.

And what are they?

Flobotics’ business team has been talking with various representatives of the industry and some challenges have been mentioned significantly often.

  1. Great Resignation. There is a growing shortage of skilled billing workforce, topped up by decreasing retention of existing billing employees;
  2. Losing Business due to billing mistakes claims errors, and never resubmitting claims after denials;
  3. Dangerous lengthening of the Revenue Cycle, which hurts cash flow and the ability to reinvest.

All of these challenges stand in the way of effectively scaling the business. But, luckily, they can be easily tackled with automation software.

We’ve conducted the automation webinar for the medical billing industry and discovered how automation software can reshape the way you run your billing operation!

What did we cover?

  • Discussed the best solutions to increase the effectiveness of medical billing operations, especially RPA for medical billing
  • Analyzed potential costs of bringing automation software to billing and calculating its potential Return on Investment,
  • Showcased real-life automation use cases from the industry, and analyzed their measurable business impact.

Who was it for?

1) People Operations – responsible for overseeing operations, optimizing processes, and improving the bottom line.

2) Billing Managers – responsible for managing billing teams and optimizing billing costs.

3) CTOs & IT leads – who are in charge of maintaining IT systems, data security, and implementing new solutions.

Watch the recording of the webinar!

Get first-hand knowledge on how billing tasks can be streamlined with automation:

Having an optimized workflow gives room for a less hectic work experience. Automated medical billing processes help healthcare providers significantly reduce human-related mistakes and process claims accurately.

Through the use of Flobotics automation services, you’ll be able to speed up your operations, decrease operational costs, and unleash your employees’ productivity.

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Automate your medical billing!

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