Yamaha 100 Price in Pakistan 2024 Fuel Average, Fuel Tank Capacity

This specific model of Yamaha bike was launched many years ago but people ask about Yamaha 100 price in Pakistan 2024 given. Production of this bike was closed by the company in Pakistan but people still demand this bike due to fuel mileage, powerful engine, and outer look. No doubt, Yamaha Junoon is yet selling in used condition, and the change in rate is also deciding on it as well. At time of stop, this seems a bit shocking decision because its sale is really good. Probably, they shift them from this capacity to bigger one.

Yamaha 100 Junoon Price in Pakistan 2024

Around 70 thousand to 90 thousand is the price of this bike. But most importantly it depends on the condition, engine power, and outer look. Some people keep bikes with proper care and some keep them in rough condition. Maybe, they will relaunch it in future but no one is sure of its come back.

Price Approx. 85,000 Rupees

Yamaha 100 Junoon

Yamaha 100 Fuel Average

The fuel consumption of the Yamaha Junoon 100 is 50 km under one-liter petrol. When this bike was launched then the main reason for popularity is fuel mileage.

Fuel Mileage Up to 50 KM

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of the Yamaha Junoon is the same as that of other bikes. So, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha fuel tank capacities are the same as come under 100cc engine bikes in the market.

Capacity 11 Liters

Engine Oil Capacity

Some buyers are confuse about engine oil capacity because some ask for half a liter and some said 1 liter. The exact value of engine oil capacity:

1 Liter

At current time, Yamaha 100 price in Pakistan 2024 is of its some previous model. As manufacturing of this model closed and recently Yamaha company launched many other models with new sports looks. With more powerful specs and features, the other models of Yamaha bikes are going good. Meanwhile, before buying Yamaha 100 must inspect it from a expert mechanic. Their advise will matter most then anything other.

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