Yokohama Tyres Price in Pakistan 2023 Dealers in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

For long traveling, the quality of tyres matters a lot for safe journey. Many imported tyres are now in the market for sale but there is no replacement for Yokohama. From life to the smoothness of drive, they are the best. Furthermore, Yokohama Tyres price in Pakistan 2023 is high than many other brands but users still suggest it. Trouble faced by many purchasers is where are the authorized dealers of Yokohama in Karachi, Islamabad, and also in Lahore. In the meantime, this brand has not any formal store in Pakistan. But, there are many tyre shops that ensure originality and also demand real rates.

Yokohama Tyres Price in Pakistan 2023

Variations in the Yokohama Tyres Price in Pakistan 2023 is revolving around the size. Further, the import year also affects the rates. But, most shops have fresh stock in the brand new category. These are the frequently used tyres that cost in:

Tyres Models / Specifications Approximate Price
Yokohama Advan DB – 195/65 R15 24,600
Advan DB – 205/55 R16 28,000
Advan DB – 205/65 R15 30,500
Yokohama Advan DB V551 – 225/60 32,000
YOKOHAMA ASPEC A349 195/65R15 91H (4pcs) 105,000
Aspec Six Palai Tyre 195/65 R15 25,000
Yokohama BluEarth AE01 165/65 R13 19,000
BluEarth AE01 165/70 R13 20,000
BluEarth AE01 175/65 R15 21,500
BluEarth AE30 155/65 R14 18,000
BluEarth AE50 185/65 R14 19,000
BluEarth AE51 175/65 R14 18,500
BluEarth AE51 185/65 R15 19,700
BluEarth AE51 195/65 R15 22,000
BluEarth AE51 215/55 R16 28,000

Yokohama Tyres for GLI Price in Pakistan

GLI is one of the famous vehicles in Pakistan and people want to know Yokohama Tyres for GLI Price in Pakistan. So, the exact price figure does not exist online but in the market different authorized dealers are working.

  • Prices of Yokohama Tyres will update soon.

Yokohama Tyres for Honda City Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Yokohama’s brand is much more credible and if people buy new tyres then they feel relaxed and use a long time. Yokohama company made tyres according to vehicle wheel size.

Yokohama Tyres for Honda City Update Soon

Yokohama Tyres 195/65 r15 Price in Pakistan 2023:

  • This is the perfect tire for Honda or Toyota sedans and these are the common cars. That’s why most shops make sure to have it in their supply. However, it’s better that you visit to note the rates from a couple of sellers.
Yokohama Tyres 195/65 r15 Price 23,000 Rupees(For each piece)

Yokohama Tyres 185/65 r15 Price in Pakistan

These days, Yokohama Tyres 185/65 r15 is trending due to high quality and performance. Everyone looks at the price but in the local market, different dealers give multiple prices. In Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, and other major cities of Pakistan authorized dealers are working and details of these dealers are given too.

Yokohama Tyres 185/65 r15 Price in PKR 22,000 Rupees

Other Yokohama Tyres Price 2023:

For every type of car, Yokohama Tyres are offered. They are perfect for the road grip and also good for the health of the vehicle too. In past, there was a rumor that they produce noise but it’s absolute fake speculation. Maybe, someone faces this type of issue with a particular pair but overall they are the top-of-line tyre options. The table has their rates:

Yokohama Tyres Size Price(Of Each Tyre)
Yokohama 205 55 r16 Tyre 28,000 Rupees
Yokohama 175 70 r13 Tyre 21,000 Rupees
Yokohama 155 65 R13 Tyre Update Soon
Yokohama 155/80 r13 Tyre Update Soon

Or Look at:

Note: All Yokohama or other tyres prices are not fixed because they may change from one importer to another. Or any wholesaler charge a lesser price and a relatively small shopper demands a higher amount. At end of the day, you can get an exact amount of ideas from the market.

the rates of them

Yokohama Tyres Dealers in Lahore

These are not the formal shops of this tyre brand but they have big set up and collection. You can also find it from many of other dealers too.

Name Zams
Address Faisal Town Lahore
Contact Number 0303-2155516

Yokohama Tyres Dealers in Islamabad

Dealers Name Japan Tyres
Address Shop 6 Huma Plaza Fazal-e-Haq Road Blue Area , Islamabad
Contact Number (051) 111 900 786

Yokohama Tyres Dealers in Karachi

Dealers Name Zams
Address 9-A block 6 p.e.c.h.s Main Shahra e Faisal next to hotel faran, Karachi
For call
0304 1119267

However, one will obtain the Yokohama Tyres Price in Pakistan 2023 from every city. Prefer a good tyre shop or direct importer because they have more choices and also guide correctly. Also, check the year that is written on every tyre too.

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