For three days span, the Zong recharge offer 2023 on a load is another consumer campaign launched by Zong to give some rewards to all the subscribers. Those users who have regular phone usage can recharge and can utilize this very special kind of offer in which a good number of minutes will be given for Zong numbers and off-net calls minutes are also its part that is 25 minutes. The 700 free SMS also allocate to the customer if he recharges the required amount. It is a great company that invested millions of dollars in this telecom sector just to serve its customers at their best. Moreover, this zong offer show how is it useful for any user.

Zong Recharge Offer 2023

Though, the first basic of any offer is its activation code because this will live your package. But for a Zong Recharge Offer 2023, activation is possible through the Zong online portal. Meanwhile, the given advantages or awards from this code are:

Charges 50 Rupees
Same Network Minutes 300
For every network Minute 25
Internet Bundle 1.5 GB
SMS Bundle 700
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Activation Code: *3454#

Other then this basic bundle, following are the advance recharge offers of zong that are more suitable for the regular users.

Monthly Super Card

Price 749
Internet Bundle 10 GB
Off-Net Minutes 250
Zong Mins Unlimited
SMS Unlimited
Duration 30 Days
  • Code: *6464*2*3#

Then, the bigger then this one is:

Monthly Supreme Card

Price 999
Internet Bundle 20GB
Off-Net Minutes 350
Zong Mins 5000
SMS 5000
Duration 30 Days
  • Code: *3030#

For regular type of usage, best is:

Super Star Offer

Price 575
Internet Bundle 8GB
Off-Net Minutes 500
Zong Mins 3000
SMS 3000
Duration 30 Days

Code: *7070#

Of course, telecom is the most progressive section, so everyone tries to capture more and more competitors but the Zong always has its special identity. So once again in the race of competition, Zong offers its load offer for its customers so that they will remain in touch with their network.

Zong Load Offer 2023

Users think these are two different offers and it’s absolutely true. On every recharge of Rs. 155/- Rupees, you can get free Zong to Zong minutes and you can carry on this offer for 7 days from the date of joining or re-joining. And once you get the free bundle then the validity of those will start immediately.

Amount Require for Zong Recharge Offer 155 Rupees
Other Benefits and Code Is provided in the above table
How to Subscribe to Zong Haftawar Load Offer? The code is *476#

one of the new offer in it

Terms & Conditions:

  • After applying of few more tax amounts, the recharge amount will come close to 175 Rupees.
  • Allotted minutes are necessary to be used in a week after recharged balance.

If one has regular use then on recharges the bundles of Zong recharge offer 2023 are more than enough on load. So, what else you are looking for? Get the set point and buzz it from the phone to start because these are the ones who will get over at any time without issuing any reminder.

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